KCBP Music

Just Added!

Local Bands
Time Machine - Borrowed Time
The Infected - Stevie Vasquez
Prompt & Utter Destruction - Tristan
Life is Gold - Rubber Lizard

Melt With You - Lankford
Lazy River - Ronald Jones
What to Do - The Neighbor Kid


Not-So-Local Bands

Phoenix Lake - RAQIA
Hit Man - Carol Martin
I'm On My Way - Uni & her Ukelele

95.5FM KCBP Community Radio maintains a music library and playlist in addition to our scheduled programming. We give preference to local artists and music not heard anywhere else on radio. 

Local Bands

Are you a band that claims the (209) area as home? Do you have broadcast quality (sound & content) recordings of your music? Would you like to hear your music on 95.5FM KCBP?

Email: music@kcbpradio.org

Include up to 3 .mp3 files and a link to your contact page or website. Feel free to include a short bio. 

Music submissions are subject to review and approval. KCBP reserves the right to reject submissions without notice.

Music must not contain obscenities, hate speech, or other non-broadcastable content. 

Click below for the most recent list of songs in rotation.